About us

Company Aquacer exists since 1995.

We mainly manufacture and install ion exchange equipment for the purpose of closed circuits rinse water (demineralised water) after electroplating processes generating the waste effluents of an acidic nature, neutral and alkaline (alkaline cyanide), and various processes of chemical treatment of metals surface in powder paint shops.

In addition, we produce equipment to: deionize (demineralize) water and the equipment for the purification of plating baths and purification of industrial waste effluents from vestigial amount of heavy metals.

Devices are manufactured from scratch in our company, which affects the speed of service and low costs.
To build our equipment we use products (pumps, meters, etc.) from reputable companies such as: Grundfos, Hanna, Tapflo, Nibco, Adler, Prema.

Due to the durability and reliability of the equipment, our company is the only one which provides 4-year equipment warranty to most of devices.